/PCB Design Engineering - Using Cadence(Allegro)
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PCB Design Engineering - Using Cadence(Allegro)

14 modules


Till 90 days


In this course you will learn the flow of PCB design and generate the output files required to share with manufacturing the PCB.


Getting Started

1 attachment • 31.87 mins

What Is PCB Design- Webinar


Basic Electronics

5 attachments

Basic Electronics

22 pages

Basic Electronics - MCQ1

Using op amps to reduce near-field EMI on PCBs - Whitepaper

Try Me - Simulation Trails

Basic electronic circuit simulation - Assignment

Live Session 1

Footprint Creation

7 attachments • 42.49 mins

Footprint Creation

Fotprint Throughhole Rules

1 page

Footprint Creation - MCQ2

How to use Footprint Calculator

Footprint Calculator Software

Footprint Creation - Assignment

Footprint Creation - Assignment Submission

Hardware & Mechanical Inputs

PCB Constraints

PCB Stack-up Creation

PCB Placement

PCB Routing

PCB Vias & Shapes

PCB Design Post Processing

1 attachment

PCB Design for Manufacturing

43 pages

Gerber File Validation

Extras - HDI, Flex and High Speed Designs

Additional References

6 attachments

Pcb Design Issues - Reference

97 pages


91 pages

Highspeed Layout Guidelines

21 pages

High-Speed-Constraint-Values-v2 - Book

71 pages


HDI Design Guidelines

7 pages

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